Brenda is still determined Bob shouldn't find out about her health problems. When Bob arrives at the hospital, Brenda lies that there is nothing to worry about, but Gennie is not happy over her dishonesty. Later, Gennie is worried when she enters Brenda's room to find that she - and all of her belongings - have gone. Back in the village, Nikhil is there when Brenda arrives back in a taxi, insisting that she doesn't need the biopsy. When Gennie arrives home, Brenda is still adamant over this. Exasperated as Brenda insists that she just wants to get on with her life, Gennie tries to talk sense into her mum. Gennie explains that she wants her to do it for Molly. Meanwhile, Cameron is struggling to control his guilt and self-hatred around Thomas as he watches him head to the back door of the pub. Thomas is at work early to tidy the cellar as Chas vents her worry about Cameron. Later, Chas covers her anger as Cameron arrives back, saying that he's been for a drive. Thomas explains to Cameron that he needs the job so he doesn't get sent home, but assures him that he'll keep out of the way of him and Chas. Elsewhere, Paddy reluctantly agrees to help Rhona organise a surprise party for Vanessa's birthday but wishes it was her leaving do, while Laurel and Ashley are concerned for Sandy as he has not been himself lately.


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