Laurel tells Sandy that they owe him an apology, but he is still miffed at their accusations about him being senile. At the same time, Sean heads to the hide and is dismayed to see that it has burned to the ground. Soon afterwards, Sandy admits that he has been using Seth's hide as a getaway, and Sean has been accompanying him. However, Sandy is deflated when Sean arrives and confesses that the hide has burned down. Later, Sandy promises Sean that Ali won't find out about the hide. Laurel, Marlon and Ashley realise just how unhappy Sandy has been. They see they've failed him when he tells them that he wants to live the rest of his years in a place of his own, suggesting moving to a retirement home. Meanwhile, Rodney and Dan are sympathetic when Bob explains that he's blown things with Brenda by telling her that he loves her. At the same time, Brenda tells Gennie that she ended things with Bob as she doesn't even know if she has a future. She worries that Bob only loves her because of how her condition is affecting her, but Gennie thinks she should be brave and tell him the truth. Later, Bob is hopeful when Brenda comes over. She is emotional when Bob tells her that he'll always love her no matter how the menopause makes her feel. However, he's heartbroken and baffled when she says it will never work between them and leaves. Elsewhere, Marlon steps in to dig Paddy out of a ruined party shaped hole, Rhona is impressed with the effort Paddy has gone to but it's short lived as she realises Marlon has done most of it, Debbie is furious to discover that Kerry looked after the kids but Andy sticks up for Kerry, while Rhona falls heavily at the party when she and Vanessa are fooling around.


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