Bob is determined that things are over with him and Brenda, but Dan decides to play cupid. At home Brenda becomes tearful as she tells Gennie that she's scared of having the operation. Gennie asks Nikhil to help her mum make the right decision. Nikhil soon prints out a list of the positives and negatives of Brenda having the surgery, and it's food for thought for Brenda as she contemplates whether she is brave enough to go through with it. Later, Brenda is distracted as she serves Edna and finds it all too much. At home, she looks over the pros and cons chart as Dan visits, telling her that she and Bob are meant to be together and he wants her to think things over. That evening, Gennie listens as a resolute Brenda tells her that she has now made up her mind over what she is going to do. Elsewhere, Rhona's bad back forces her to go to the doctor, Robbie knows he's being manipulated by Debbie but is still prepared to help out at the garage, Edna is unconvincing as she tells Sandy that it will be nice to get back in her home, while Thomas reluctantly agrees when Cameron suggests a clean slate.


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