Cain threatens to quit when Debbie tells him that he'll get a warning if he doesn't get her money from Moira. Overhearing, Robbie offers to sort it for her, but Debbie just mocks him. In The Woolpack, Robbie watches as Chas hands Moira cash for her meat order. Robbie demands Moira give him the money for the work on her car, but she tells him to speak to Cain. He's wound up as she and Chas mock his 'tough' attitude. Later, Robbie goes to Butler's Farm to visit Moira but Adam tells him that she's out. Spotting the envelope of cash, Robbie quickly pockets it and heads out. As the day continues, Robbie is pleased with himself as he gives Debbie the money he took, but he is gutted when she thinks he's pathetic and refuses to take it. Later, Moira and Cain realise that Robbie has taken the money. Thinking Debbie put him up to it, Moira warns Cain that if he doesn't sort it, she will. Meanwhile, Gennie is frustrated and upset that Brenda is still refusing to have surgery. Desperate for someone to talk to, Brenda confides in Dan that she can't put Bob and the twins through everything as they have already lost a mum. Dan suggests it should be Bob making that decision, but it's clear that Brenda has made her mind up. Realising she just needs a friend to talk to, Dan agrees to keep quiet but he is clearly worried about keeping this from Bob. Elsewhere, Paddy tells Rhona that Katie is only prepared to drop legal action if they let Vanessa go, while Declan is delighted when Katie tells him that she wants to get advice about IVF.


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