Edward discovers that Jim is in a psychiatric ward until his trial, and Joe purchases a motorbike to the disappointment of Annie.


Annie broods over the twins not being christened. Joe arrives back in a bad mood. Phelps drops Penny off at Emmerdale Farm, she explains to Joe about the Receptionist job and they make up when he realises it would mean her staying on in Beckindale. The next day they go and look at motorbikes in Leeds. David arrives back in the village. Gwen meets him and they kiss. David drops some paintings off at The Woolpack for Phelps. Reverend Ruskin receives a letter from Jim Latimer saying he is awaiting trial and undergoing psychiatric help. Dr. Scott persuades Liz to go away. Sam has his first confirmation class. Joe arrives back at the farm with a motorbike much to Annie's disappointment. Annie calls around to Dr. Scott's house looking for her cleaner Mrs Castle. She invites her to dinner tonight. Sam takes a phone call from Henry Wilks saying he'll be back Friday. The Bishop decides that the attendance figures at the church are not sufficiently high to warrant having a curate. Dr. Scott arrives for dinner and meets Joe. Phelps brings his Press Officer, Hunter, to The Woolpack to meet David. Hunter wants to do a piece on David and the new hotel. David sketches Amos and is interviewed by Hunter who begins to make things up and take over. David and Gwen share a worried look.


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