Rishi is pleased that Charity wants to make a fresh start with Jai. However, Cameron is aware that there's something going on with Charity and Declan. He is curious to see Charity follow Declan outside. Charity tells Declan that she is not going to mention anything to Jai about them and how it was a stupid mistake. Cameron watches their exchange, intrigued. Later, Cameron enjoys his newfound power over Charity, biding his time over what he saw between the pair. As he winds her up, Charity begins to worry. Meanwhile, Amy is determined not to let her mum spoil things now that she has moved into the B&B, but she suspects that Kerry is bored. Kerry later admits that she is sick of having to babysit. She is later forced into looking after the kids again, and Kerry tells Amy that she needs a job or she'll lose her mind. Despite Sarah's affection for her, Kerry is determined to find a job fast. Elsewhere, when Sandy pays another visit, Edna finally admits that she is struggling living alone. Edna is full of doubts when Sandy suggests being her lodger, protesting that she doesn't think it's practical, but Sandy assures her that it makes sense. Finally Edna relents, agreeing to let Sandy move in. Also, Gennie is counting on Bob to persuade Brenda to have the operation but Brenda is adamant that she's not having it, while Alicia's next project is a wedding brochure with pictures of a gorgeous couple - and Priya offers to model alongside David.


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