Declan is worried to hear from Charity that Cameron knows about their night together. Charity insists that she can keep him quiet, but Declan worries that Katie will find out. Soon afterwards, Cameron enjoys winding Charity up and she admits that she did sleep with Declan. Panicking as Jai is home already, Charity asks Cameron what destroying her marriage will achieve, but Cameron suggests that she could start by being nice to him until he's decided what to do. Later, Jai arrives at the pub while Declan tries to talk to Cameron. Declan is thrown when Katie invites Jai and Charity over for dinner tomorrow. Charity is pleased that Jai is home and wants to talk to him, which leaves Declan worried. Charity and Jai are reunited as Jai tells her that he wasn't thinking straight and wants to try again. However, Charity is thrown when Jai accepts Katie's invite, aware that her future now lies in Cameron's hands. Meanwhile, Kerry tells Andy that she can't look after the kids as she is going to the job centre. Kerry is glum as she asks David and Rishi for a job and they both refuse, but Rishi is unimpressed when Kerry visits later and Jai agrees to give her a trial at the factory. Kerry feigns regret as she tells Andy about the job and says she won't be able to have the kids as much. Elsewhere, Megan warns Robbie that Debbie will ditch him when she's had enough, Laurel is trying to plan a birthday party for Sandy but is shocked when Sandy drops a bombshell, while Alicia covers her disappointment when a delighted Priya tells her that David has agreed to the photo shoot.


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