Jai has slept on the sofa after his row with Charity, but she continues to plead with him by saying that she just wants an honest relationship and that's why she came clean. Soon afterwards, Charity tells Cameron that Jai now knows the truth. Cameron threatens to tell Katie, but is powerless when Charity says that she doesn't care. At the factory, Rishi is bemused when Jai tells him that he can now tell Charity the truth about Rachel and Archie, believing their marriage will survive anything. Rishi warns his son about telling her, but Jai is determined they could make a fresh start once it's out in the open. Outside the pub, Declan tries to give Cameron some money, hoping they have come to an understanding. At the same time, Jai finally answers Charity's call and tells her that he's coming home, wanting to talk to her. However, his face darkens when Declan pleads with him not to tell Katie, explaining about Cameron's blackmailing. Jai is angry to realise the reason Charity confessed. Meanwhile, Alicia worries when Megan is determined to publish the images in their brochures. David is frustrated and has a go at Alicia, who feels rejected and hurt as she tells him that he and Priya signed the consent forms so there's nothing more she can do. Later, Megan is angry when Alicia refuses to sign the consent forms and David realises his feelings for Alicia are growing. Elsewhere, Sandy's eightieth birthday party is under way and Lisa is suspicious of why Belle has gone to so much effort, Sean is gutted to see Belle and Thomas kiss, while Katie is wary as she tells Declan that the IVF clinic can see them tomorrow.


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