Cameron is concerned that Chas seems determined to make up with Charity. At the same time, Katie marches into the factory office and has a go at Jai for his attitude towards Declan, thinking it's over Mia. In the café, Declan panics to hear that Chas knows about his one-night stand. Charity fumes, making it clear that she is not begging favours from the woman who broke her daughter's heart. Later in the pub, Cameron and Chas share a look when Katie complains about Jai sulking. Chas tells Jai to give Charity a break, as she wants to make it work with him. However, Jai thinks Chas just wants to get back in Charity and Debbie's good books. Meanwhile, Rachel invites Sam to move in, knowing that it would get Jai off her back. Later, Jai tells Rachel that Charity has been with someone else and it might be a good time to tell her the truth about Archie. Rachel is shocked by the suggestion. Jai is left stunned himself when he learns that Sam is moving in with Rachel. As Rachel explains that Sam and Archie are a family now, Jai is backed into a corner. Elsewhere, Megan hands Alicia the bill for the photo-shoot, telling her to pay it or sign the consent form. However, Alicia has a plan and Lee has agreed to help her. Also today, Eric asks Debbie for a big order of booze for Val's happy hour. Debbie is happy to help when she discovers it will scupper Chas's quiz night.


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