In the cellar, Robbie continues to brandish his lighter, warning that he could blow up the whole pub. Cameron calls his bluff, so Robbie takes a chance and makes a run for it with Cameron in hot pursuit. Outside, Cameron grabs Robbie, hits him and bundles him into the back of his van. With the pub quiz in full swing, Chas is preoccupied so Cameron leaves her to it. Robbie soon realises that Cameron is capable of anything. Bound and gagged, Robbie is held at Cameron's mercy. Soon afterwards, Chas looks for Cameron, confused as to where he is. Suddenly Chas flings open the van door and sees first hand the sight of Cameron bearing down on an imprisoned Robbie. Meanwhile, Gemma feels left out when Belle and Thomas make plans to go to a club without her. The pair argue and Gemma is wounded when Thomas tells her that nobody wants her around. Soon afterwards, Lisa finds Belle crying, but she is evasive about why she has fallen out with Gemma. Lisa warns her not to push her friend away. Sean comes across an upset Gemma at the bus stop and she tells him that Belle has turned into a cow since she started seeing Thomas. When Sean defends Belle, Gemma shocks him by texting him a provocative photo of Belle. Sean can't believe his eyes. Elsewhere, David struggles to see a ravishing Alicia heading out on her date, while Jai's plan to get Rachel and Archie back in his sights pay off when Charity agrees to Rachel cleaning for them again.


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