Nikhil is worried about Gennie and visits Katie to ask how he can cheer her up. While there, he is given an idea when Alicia chats about a wedding dress. Later, Gennie is shocked when Nikhil suggests they get married soon, explaining that it might be their only chance to get married while Brenda is present. Nikhil is chuffed when Gennie agrees. Later, Rodney panics when Brenda has an absence seizure and calls Bob. When Brenda comes round she is puzzled by Rodney's reaction. Bob tries to calm Brenda down as she is angry, believing they are overreacting. Brenda shouts at Bob, who holds her until she calms down. Bob sees Heath and Cathy watching scared, and is irked when Rodney questions his ability to care for Brenda when he has the twins to consider. Meanwhile, Paddy resentfully accepts Vanessa's offer, but Rhona tells him that he should be more grateful. Vanessa is delighted, thanking Rhona for talking him round. Paddy is irked when Vanessa suggests a business meeting as she has a list of ideas. Paddy is unnerved by the dynamic between Vanessa and Rhona. Elsewhere, Ali wants to fight for more money for the factory workers but Ruby warns her not to blow her opportunity, while Belle and Thomas are both caught out as they try sneaking out to meet each other.


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  • This was the last episode to be produced by Stuart Blackburn as an individual, as Kate Oates joined him on the panel in the following episode for three consecutive episodes before she took over on her own.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,590,000 viewers (18th place).
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