Belle is anxious when Thomas suggests that they drive to Brighton, as it's cheap to camp there. Soon afterwards, Thomas reels when an upset Belle tells him that the van was where Chas and Carl were on the night his father was killed. He gives her a blanket and tells her to get some sleep while he drives. Later, Belle is confused and upset when she wakes up and is back home in the village. Thomas tells her that he's doing it for her and tries to persuade her that they're doing the right thing - facing the music together. Meanwhile, Steve and Katie are ready to go see the horse, but Bernice is stung by their closeness. Declan is thoughtful when Bernice tells him that it's only a vanity investment. Later, Katie is shocked and Bernice looks guilty when Declan tells Steve that he is out of the deal as the only people who'll make money are the bookies. Katie is downbeat about losing the racehorse, but Declan is clearly up to something. Later, Megan is shocked when Declan tells her that he's buying the horse for Katie, cutting out Steve and his middlemen. Elsewhere, Sean throws a stick for stray dog Edward and it accidentally hits Megan on the head, while Priya is fuming about Gennie and Nikhil's wedding but feels for her brother as he thinks they're only doing it because of Brenda.


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