Debbie collects the kids and Kerry hides her anxiety as Sarah hugs her tight, feeling guilty about what happened. With Kerry acting out of sorts, Andy worries to Amy that he has upset Kerry by calling her a stepmum. Amy says that he needs to talk to Kerry as she is not keen on responsibility. In the pub, Kerry struggles with her guilt as she tells Amy that Andy panicked her with his assumptions. Andy later apologises and they make up as Kerry tells him that she loves him. Later, Amy reels when she learns that Kerry left Sarah alone, and realises she is up to her old tricks again. Kerry is caught when Amy questions her about last night, leaving Sarah and then getting her to lie to Andy. Amy warns Kerry to tell Andy the truth, or she'll do it for her. Meanwhile, Steve and Bernice plan to use Nicola to find out what Declan has got in the pipeline. Steve asks Bernice to be subtle, but she is far from it as she says she'll go round tonight with some wine. At Mill Cottage, Bernice acts drunk as she flatters Nicola, marvelling at how Nicola runs the whole show at Home Farm. Bernice is delighted when she discovers some of Declan's plans and sneakily texts Steve the figures for his bid on the land. Elsewhere, Chas is pleased when Cameron tells her that the boys are coming to stay in Emmerdale instead, Ali tells Sean that he can keep Edward the stray dog, while Gemma isn't happy to see Dom chatting up Alicia.


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