Cain struggles to hide his hurt over the miscarriage. At Tug Ghyll, Cain confronts Debbie about last night and she is miffed when he tells her that she is on her own if she pulls one more stunt like that. Moira later goes to see Cain and realises the depth of his emotion as he is deliberately callous towards her. Cain thinks she is glad that she lost the baby but Moira gets upset, telling him that she thought he was better than this. Later at the garage, Zak is taken aback by Cain's self-loathing as he thinks he is cursed, blaming himself for the miscarriage. Cain later apologises to Moira and she tells him that he still has her if that is enough. They cling to each other for consolation. Meanwhile, Cameron leaves to take his kids back to Jersey. In the pub, Charity and Lisa find out about Debbie's stunt, and Chas throws a glass of wine in her face. Debbie realises that even her own mother will not take her side on this. Lisa decides on a family meal tomorrow night to try convincing Debbie that she has gone too far. Chas contemplates the invitation. Lisa tells Debbie that she will be at the dinner with Chas whether she likes it or not. Charity is exasperated by Debbie's attitude as she says she is just getting revenge. Debbie convinces her mum that she knows she was wrong and there will not be any more stupid stunts. However, when Charity leaves, Debbie makes an ominous call to Robbie. Elsewhere, Steve saves Nicola when he goes along with her lies, while Amy covers to Val that the mystery man she is interested in is Adam.


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