There is worry all round as Zak's gun is missing and Jai explains that he saw Chas and Debbie driving together. At the same time, Chas becomes fearful when Debbie snatches her phone when she goes to call Lisa. Chas tells Debbie to drop her act, but she is genuinely fearful when Debbie gets Zak's gun out of the boot. Debbie forces Chas into the barn and makes her tie herself to a pipe as Chas fears for her life. Soon afterwards, Cain and Charity visit Robbie and Cain threatens him, wanting the truth about Debbie. Cain and Charity then head off in the car, fearful about what she might have done. In the barn, Debbie slaps Chas in the face, wanting a reaction. She then brings a scarf to cover her eyes and Chas is terrified as she hears the shell being inserted into the gun. When Charity and Cain arrive at the barn, Debbie reveals herself, gun in hand. Debbie gets ready to shoot Chas, telling her that she is not untouchable like she thinks. She is calm as she says it would be worth it, no matter what happens to her. However, Cain manages to talk her down. Meanwhile, Megan tells Ali to get rid of the dog, but Ruby thinks it is good for Sean. Ali tells Megan to get a life, leaving her fuming. In the village, Sean tries to teach the dog to respond to his commands when Megan passes and is riled by his comments to her. Megan later visits Ali and tells her that she is doing a property inspection tomorrow. Megan is clearly pleased with herself. Elsewhere, Jimmy and Nicola continue to argue about Nicola's lies to get Angel into Robblesfield, while Paddy and Vanessa's differing opinions are clear after they've signed the papers.


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