Ruby is tidying for the landlord inspection, but Ali is refusing to run round after Megan. Ruby sends Sean out with the dog, saying that she will give him a signal when the coast is clear. Ali is determined that the dog is staying and they are not bowing down to Megan. Later, Megan is surprised at how tidy Brook looks and imagines her and Robbie living there. However, Ali and Ruby don't realise this and feel the inspection is going well. Megan rearranges the curtains and Sean takes this as his cue to return, entering with the dog, much to Megan's shock. Megan says they cannot stay there with it, and she is furious when Sean calls the dog 'Meg'. When she has gone, Ali reassures a worried Sean that Megan does not have the power to evict them. Meanwhile, Moira is shocked and worried as Cain tells her what happened with Debbie. It seems he is at the end of his tether. At the same time, Charity tries to get through to Debbie. However, Debbie thinks that Charity and Cain are on Chas's side and tells her mum to go. Elsewhere, Alicia is worried when Jacob is sent a toy helicopter in the post from Leyla, while Brenda has made letters for her nearest and dearest which she asks Bob to pass on in case she doesn't make it.


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