Cameron is worried as he questions Declan over his plans for the land. He starts to panic as Declan tells him that he will soon have it dug over. Cameron makes his excuses to Chas, telling her that he has to go and help a mate move some gear. Chas wants him to wait, but in full panic, Cameron hurries away. Soon afterwards, Cameron buys digging tools and rejects a call from Chas as he gets what he needs. He drives home to wait for dark and Chas is annoyed when he arrives back. Later, Cameron is ready to leave to take care of the body when Chas suggests they have an early night. Cameron despairs that everything is beginning to fall apart. Meanwhile, Amy is riled when Kerry suggests that she could be jealous of her and Andy. It is too much for Amy, who snaps and blurts out the truth. Andy does his best to play the matter down, while Kerry continues to suspect that Amy is just jealous of them. Amy leaves and Andy finds himself going along with it when Kerry blames Amy for having tried it on with him. Later, Kerry insists to Amy that as she and Andy are solid, Amy must have tried it on with him. Amy later tells Victoria about the kiss and that he has lied to save bother with Kerry. Victoria confronts her brother, who is scared that Kerry might overhear. Elsewhere, Paddy wants Megan to organise a party at Home Farm for them to celebrate their new vets practice. He also tells Megan that he will persuade Vanessa to move into Brook Cottage. Later, Paddy argues with Vanessa over food as Marlon is doing the catering, while Vanessa is unimpressed that Paddy has interfered about Brook Cottage. Also, Rhona is stressed as she can't get another painkiller prescription, while Jude confides to Jimmy that he's wary of why Nicola is so enthusiastic to help out at church - telling him that he can't ignore fraud.


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  • This one-hour episode was transmitted at 6.45pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,900,000 viewers (19th place).
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