A frustrated Chas tries to talk to Cameron, but he is evasive. He grabs his passport and leaves the room, telling her that her suspicions are the problem. Chas challenges Cameron over his recent behaviour and is shocked to realise that Cameron had known she was following him last night. She sees his packed bag and realises Cameron is leaving, but she believes she has pushed him to it. Soon afterwards, Chas begs Cameron to communicate with her. Cameron is slow and deliberate as he asks Chas not to freak out if he tells her something. Cameron tells Chas to sit down. At the same time, Gennie is on her way over to see Chas and Cameron to apologise for her suspicions, knowing that she is responsible for winding Chas up. However, Cameron is not in the right frame of mind for other people. Meanwhile, Paddy believes the vet launch was a success despite Rhona's absence. However, Vanessa is worried about where she could have gone. Later, when Rhona returns home vague about what took her so long, Vanessa's suspicions are fuelled. Elsewhere, Rishi is alarmed when Priya decides that he needs to take a paternity test to prove that he is the dad. Rishi does his best to put her off. At the same time, Jai is appalled by Priya's obvious greed - she clearly just wants more inheritance, which Archie's arrival will hinder. Jai explains that if Rishi wants to make it up with Priya, he will have to speak to her in the language she understands best - money. Also, Steve attempts to talk Jimmy around to Nicola's idea, while Amy warns Andy that Kerry is manipulating him and something bad will happen if he doesn't wake up soon.


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