Chas has stayed the night at Gennie's following the rows with Cameron. While Chas is occupied, Gennie slips out and finds Cameron. Seeing that he is about to leave, Gennie is firm as she tells Cameron that he needs to be straight with Chas. While collecting more of his belongings, the situation quickly changes for Cameron when he overhears Declan telling Jimmy that work has been halted on the site as there is a problem with planning permission. This news gives Cameron more time and he breathes a sigh of relief. Soon afterwards, Chas returns home to find Cameron still there. Chas demands the truth from him - knowing that last night he had been on the cusp of telling her something really significant. Thinking on his feet, Cameron feeds Chas a new line - he has been to see Dr Abbott because he has been suffering from depression for months. Later, Gennie is alarmed when Cameron reveals a hard sinister side as he visits her and gives her veiled threats. Meanwhile, it is Paddy's first day back as a practicing vet and he is enjoying all the fuss. Rhona feels on edge, suspecting that Vanessa is watching her. Elsewhere, David tries to convince Priya to meet Rishi for lunch, but she refuses. Soon afterwards, Priya is upset to watch as David coos over baby Archie. Priya later delivers David a tough ultimatum. Also, Nicola wants Jimmy to wear a suit for the school open day but he is nonplussed by the effort she is going to, while Victoria drops Amy in it when she unwittingly lets it slip to Val that Amy and Andy have kissed.


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