David drowns his sorrows following Priya's decision. Pollard suggests that perhaps Priya has given him a gift - the opportunity to make a go of things with Alicia and Jacob guilt-free. He adds that David has clearly been suppressing his feelings for long enough. At the same time, Nikhil tries to get through to Priya, but she claims that David does not love her. When Nikhil tells her that if she does not stop this nonsense she will lose David, Priya is left torn. Back at the pub, David intercepts Alicia in the Woolpack toilets, telling her that he and Priya are over, the wedding is off and he has feelings for her. Alicia struggles to come to terms with what David is saying. Meanwhile, Amy cannot help but protest when Rhona indirectly refers to Kerry as Andy's wife, and Sarah and Jack as their kids. Amy implies that the children might not be safe in Kerry's care. Kerry bites back saying Amy is jealous. Later, Val worries for Amy and the truth behind her quips. Val suggests that they need to talk some sense into Andy, otherwise Sarah and Jack could end up suffering. As Amy recalls her childhood memories, Val insists that they must make Andy listen. Amy is apprehensive of what is to come, and rightly so when a later confrontation ends in a fight. Elsewhere, Vanessa encourages a small leak at Brook Cottage into something more severe. She then calls Megan, claiming that the plumbing must be dodgy and she doesn't feel safe. Megan comes to inspect the problem and Vanessa lays it on thick, saying that she will have to move out that day. Later, Vanessa approaches Rhona to explain about the flood. She wangles herself an invite from Rhona to stay back at Smithy Cottage. Unable to argue, Paddy is backed into a corner. Also, Cain is still cold towards Debbie, who barely seems to notice - more concerned about sorting out a business deal and a new supplier.


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