Megan panics as she struggles to call an ambulance for Sean, who lies unconscious after being electrocuted. Dan arrives and is shocked to see Sean's state, immediately assuming that Megan is to blame. The emergency services talk Dan through the procedure as he starts chest compressions on an unconscious Sean. It looks bleak for Sean as Dan continues compression but weeps as he fails to get any response. A distraught Megan takes over while Dan goes to let the emergency team in. With no signs of life, Dan believes it's over for Sean, but Megan continues compression and urges Sean not to die. Ali arrives just as the emergency team try to shock Sean around with the defibrillator. Meanwhile, Rhona makes a tough decision when she tells Paddy that he can bin all the painkillers he has found in her handbag. Later, she panics, knowing that she can't do without them. Rhona rummages through the bin to retrieve them. Elsewhere, Debbie and Robbie pack up the last of Cain's belongings. Robbie is enjoying being Debbie's confidante and suggests a way of striking Cain where it hurts. Later, Debbie delivers Cain's possessions to the farm with a self-satisfied expression. She tells him that that's the last of him in her house and gives him some news about his grandchildren that leaves him shaken. Also, Dom and Alicia return from their date and she is still buzzing.


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