Rhona's heart sinks when she fails to persuade Doctor Abbott to prescribe her more of the stronger drugs she craves. Later, shaking and nauseous, she snaps at Leo before dumping him on Laurel, claiming that she has a sickness bug and is not safe to be with him. Climbing the walls, Rhona is overwhelmed by her symptoms and is worried that she will not be able to cover them when Paddy and Vanessa return. Finally she succumbs, taking drastic action - but she is caught in the act by Vanessa. Meanwhile, Steve is delighted to learn that Declan has yet to gain planning permission on the new plot of land, but Declan downplays the matter later at the pub when Steve starts asking questions. By Steve's reckoning, Declan will be lucky if he can put up a bird table, much to Cameron's relief. It seems that Cameron can rest easy a little longer about Alex's dead body. Elsewhere, Megan is desperate to make amends with Ali. Ali is thrown when a lonely Megan becomes emotional, telling her that she would rather be in Ali's shoes than her own. Unbeknownst to the pair, Robbie arrives and listens in to their conversation as Megan continues to open up. When the conversation takes a sudden turn, Robbie interrupts to defend his mum, much to her surprise. Also, Priya wants her wedding day to be perfect, but thinks that her dad has ruined her chances of that. She is saddened when Jai tells her that he has never seen Rishi so depressed and makes an effort to see her dad. Finally, Alicia struggles to see David and Priya smooching, prompting her to impulsively kiss Dom. However, she seems underwhelmed when Megan asks her about Dom later.


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