Rachel runs into Jai, Rishi and Charity and tells them that she's temporary living with Sam while the rest of her family stay at Brook Cottage. Jai isn’t happy but Rishi puts on an act. Sarah mentions to Debbie that she saw Cain when visiting Zak last week. Paddy speaks to Laurel and Marlon about Rhona’s mood swings, Laurel wonders if she's pregnant. Paddy has a call out and is forced to leave Leo with a sick Rhona. Chas sees Doctor Abbott in the pub and thanks her for her help with Cameron’s depression, Doctor Abbott clearly doesn’t know what she is talking about. Cameron goes missing at the pub. He is at the festival site watching the workmen. Paddy confronts Vanessa to find if she knows anything about Rhona's condition. Debbie tells Zak that she can’t trust him with the children. A desperate Rhona crouching on the bathroom floor contacts Vanessa when Leo won't stop crying. Steve is miffed to discover Declan doesn't have planning permission but wonders if he is telling the truth. Rhona begs Vanessa to give her the drugs. Cameron waits for the workmen to stop for a break. Debbie continues to treat Robbie like dirt, Robbie reminds her that he's the only friend she has right now. Chas confronts Cameron, but he leaves her feeling guilty and small. Paddy returns to find Rhona playing with Leo, she tells him that she isn’t pregnant and is feeling better.


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