Cameron comes around in the van as the police arrive. Chas has finished packing his bags and takes off her engagement ring. Nicola is practicing ballet moves with Angel. Val decides she wants to rebrand the B&B. Cameron wakes up in hospital. The police tell Chas that Cameron's had a crash. Kirk brings flowers for Debbie to the haulage firm. Charity tells him to clear off and stay away. Chas and Gennie visit Cameron in hospital and he makes excuses about the crash. Kirk calls in on Debbie and drops the flowers off, pushing that they go for lunch. Debbie brushes him off. Charity and Robbie catch Kirk with Debbie. Robbie squares up to him. Kirk tells her he’ll be back, but Debbie claims she doesn’t care. Charity argues with her but Debbie kicks them both out. Val tells Amy she's being promoted and paid on commission depending on the clientele she can attract to the B&B. Steve tells Nicola he has a friend who can give Angel free extra ballet tuition. Robbie tells Debbie that Cameron's been in a crash and suspects it was of her doing, but she has no clue. Chas brings Cameron back to the pub. Gennie questions Chas about where Cameron was, but Chas tells her to drop it. Chas believes Cameron was trying to commit suicide but he denies it. The workmen begin to concrete over Alex’s body. Robbie throws a bottle at Debbie's door in an attempt to scare her.


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