Nicola and Jimmy set off for Angel’s observation. Jimmy thanks Steve for Angel's extra tuition in front of Bernice. Cain picks up the last of his stuff from Debbie’s and returns his keys. Amy tells Val that she knows that Val is trying to take her mind off Kerry. Brenda and Bob rope Cameron, Chas, Gennie and Nikhil into lunch. Robbie smashes up Debbie's desk at the haulage firm and blames it on Kirk. Debbie plans to confront him but Charity tells her that Cain isn’t there to protect her anymore. Charity tells Cain about Kirk, but he says that he's done clearing up after her. Amy informs Megan about improving the B&B and asks if she can put them in the wedding brochure. Cain offers to help Debbie, but she shoots him down. Moira finds a newspaper in the bin with a house letting advert circled. Andy has had the locks changed in case of Kerry's return. Nicola is confident that Angel has been successful at the ballet observation. The soiree kicks off in the café. Debbie plans to confront Kirk, but Robbie manages to talk her down. Moira asks Cain to move in on a more permanent basis. Nikhil questions how Cameron managed to crash into a tree, Cameron states he swerved to avoid someone in the road. Gennie mentions that yesterday he mentioned it was a fox. Chas gets fed up of the questions and leaves with Cameron. Debbie invites Robbie to stay for pizza.


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  • A guest of the B&B is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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