Nicola frets over not hearing anything from the school. Kerry arrives back in the village. Amy helps Andy to clear up the mess left by the decorators; he leaves her to tidy while he goes to Butler's Farm. Moira tells Adam that Cain is moving in; he isn't pleased. Jimmy wants to call the police over the break-in. Debbie stops him by telling him that it's because she's been selling dodgy vodka. She tells Robbie that she won't need him tonight. Adam tells Andy about Cain moving in; Andy doesn't think it will last long. Dan overhears Kerry trying to find somewhere to stay for the night, he buys her a drink and convinces her to go and speak to Amy. Andy sits with Amy on the couch watching a film. Robbie smashes a car windscreen at the garage. Kerry walks in on Amy and Andy kissing. Robbie stops an angry Debbie from ringing Kirk. Kerry tells Amy and Andy that she's pregnant and Andy's the father. Val interrupts a meeting to ask Megan if she has come to a decision over the brochure; Megan tells her that the B&B isn't what she is looking for. Val states to Eric she wants to overhaul the B&B. Nicola takes a call from the school. Amy is convinced Kerry is lying over the pregnancy, but Andy isn't sure. Nicola covers over being rejected by the school in the pub. Cain fixes the windscreen for Debbie, he presumes it was down to Kirk. Nicola expresses her disappointment of Angel being rejected by the school at home. Cain makes a call to find out Kirk's whereabouts. Nicola takes the ballet shoes back to Steve and tells him that Angel was rejected, asking him to keep it private. Steve offers to secretly loan her the money to pay for the school.


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Memorable dialogue

Kerry Wyatt: "You're quite easy to talk to, you, do you know that?"
Dan Spencer: (proud) "Yeah, Ali always said that an evening with me was like being on her own... (pauses) She didn't mean that in a good way did she?"

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