Dan has let Kerry spend the night in Hetty, he wakes her up with a cup of tea. Bernice mentions to Amy and Andy that Kerry was drinking in the pub last night. Nicola has one last shot at trying to convince Jimmy to pay for Angel's schooling. Moira says that Adam and Cain will have to cope on their own as she will be attending Holly's exhibition; Adam tells Cain that while Moira's gone he wants him out the house. Amy tries to get Kerry to admit she's lying about the baby, but Kerry insists she is as the news spreads around the village. Andy drops in at Butlers Farm to tell Moira he can't work today and tells her about Kerry. Val has ideas to overhaul the B&B. Amy tells Val and Eric about Kerry being back and her pregnancy. Moira leaves for the exhibition, she tells Adam that Natalie will be coming by to pick up some invoices. Kerry waits outside of an antenatal clinic and asks a girl about to walk in, Shannon, to pee on a pregnancy stick for her. Shannon thinks she's crazy but Kerry explains her reasons and convinces her. She gives her a small tube of extra urine in case she needs it as well. Nicola asks Steve if she can have the loan for Angel's schooling fees, as long as there are no strings and no way anyone will find out. Robbie worms his way into Cain's bed. Seeing the tension between Adam and Cain, Zak asks Cain to leave while Moira is away. Kerry shows Andy the pregnancy test; however he has already bought one and wants her to prove it by using his. Natalie flirts with Adam and winds up Victoria. Andy supervises Kerry as she takes the pregnancy test, she goes into a cubicle and pours the tube of urine onto the stick. Nicola breaks the news to Jimmy, Bernice, Rodney and Steve that Angel got into the school. Kerry shows the pub that the pregnancy test is positive.


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