Pearl and Val point out to Rhona how terrible she looks but she insists to Vanessa she's going cold turkey and feigns a cold. Declan winds Robbie up over Debbie telling him not to stay at Tug Ghyll last night. Debbie tells Charity she has a plan for Robbie. Moira gets upset about Adam leaving, Cain comforts her. Having spent the night at Keepers Cottage, Victoria tries to persuade Adam to talk with Moira. Rhona sees Laurel giving Sandy his prescription. Andy apologises to Kerry for how he handled the situation before, he tells her whatever decision she makes he'll support her. Rhona makes an excuse to see Tootsie for a courtesy call at Woodbine Cottage. Robbie calls Debbie to say Kirk has smashed one of her windows. Rhona asks Edna if she can use her toilet, she sneaks into Sandy's room and steals his pills. Debbie wants Robbie to do a booze run tomorrow. Victoria nags Adam to get a job. Eric tells Amy about Val's planned emigration to Portugal. Laurel gets a call from Ashley stating he can't find Sandy's pills. As Kerry rubs Amy's face in Andy's apology, she starts to wonder if moving to Portugal is a good idea after all. Moira tries to talk to Adam but gets nowhere. Dan is disappointed when Kerry says her and Andy might be getting back together. Debbie tells Charity that her plan to get back at Robbie is in motion.


Regular cast

Guest cast




  • Fiona Wade is credited as Priya Sharma, though she appears briefly in the episode and has no dialogue.
  • Alicya Eyo is credited as Ruby Haswell, though she appears briefly in the background (her head isn't even seen) and has no dialogue.
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