Debbie goes around the room asking who reported her to Social Services. Eric tells Val he's willing to emigrate to Portugal. Debbie rips into everyone in the room, not knowing that Sarah is listening to every word outside. Gemma slags Alicia off to Belle. Victoria tries to get to the bottom of why Amy wants to move. Gemma tells Alicia she's sticking her beak in where it's not wanted. Paddy, Rhona and Vanessa have a barbeque. Rhona tells Vanessa that Paddy thinks she has a drink problem. She gives Rhona a Hotten Addiction Support leaflet and wants her to go. Debbie apologises to Sarah for her party finishing earlier, she wants to know why everyone was shouting and who Social Services are. Sarah tells Debbie that she was scared and told her tutor of the problems at home. Debbie's gutted as she realises that's how Social Services have become involved. She tells Sarah that if ever she has any problems she must come to her. Sarah tells her that she's barely been there for her to say anything. Andy and Charity barge in to Tug Ghyll to find out more about why and when Social Services are coming. Charity consoles her as she questions her parenting skills. Rhona tells Vanessa she rang the support group and will be attending a meeting next week. Gemma deviously shows Alicia pictures of her mother, gets upset and then cries to Dom that Alicia wanted to see them. Dom asks Alicia to leave. Val, Eric and Amy celebrate the planned move to Portugal, though Amy looks doubtful.


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Memorable dialogue

Val Pollard: "Eric, listen..."
Eric Pollard: "Just let me-"
Val Pollard: "You have said yourself that retirement will kill you and I'm blowed if I'm going to find you dead, slumped in front of Countryfile."
Eric Pollard: "I don't even watch Countryfile."
Val Pollard: "Well Loose Women then." (to Amy) And you! What have you got going for you here? Except some two-bit job and a mother that embarrasses you every time she opens her gob."
Amy Wyatt: "Cheers."
Val Pollard: "We either stay here, growing old, bickering at each other to death-"
Eric Pollard: "Or?"
Val Pollard: "...We do exactly the same over there, except in the sun!"
Vanessa Woodfield: (on Paddy's barbeque): "Y'know, it doesn't look good for business. They'll think we're holding our own cremations."

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