Dom has let Gemma have the day off school due to her being so upset last night. Dom offers to cook for Alicia later, much to Gemma's irritation. As Lisa and Charity tidy up Tug Ghyll, Andy arrives for the Social Services visit. Sean invites Belle on a camping trip with him and Dan. Victoria is sick of Adam sponging off her. Dom tries to reassure Gemma over Alicia, he tries to get to the bottom of why she's feeling so down. Gemma decides she wants to go to school. The Social Worker arrives at Tug Ghyll. She takes notes on the harassment that Debbie has suffered, but she insists it's all taken care of now. The social worker has a chat with Sarah alone and will relay the case to her manager to see if she needs to return. Dom finds a pregnancy test in the bin. He chases after Gemma. Alicia witnesses the argument and covers saying it's her test. Andy finds out it was Sarah going to her tutor as to why the Social Services are now in touch. Debbie tells Andy it was Robbie behind the harassment but it's now sorted. Andy can't believe what he's hearing. Chas and Cameron are approved for their bank loan to buy The Woolpack. Cameron talks Debbie up to the social worker outside Tug Ghyll. Alicia talks to Gemma, she tells her the test was positive. Lisa refuses to let Belle go on the camping trip. Alicia insists she must tell Dom. Gemma apologises for being a cow. Debbie panics that Andy will fight her for the kids. Robbie gives Adam his investment back. Andy lays into Robbie about terrorising the kids, he runs off. Victoria tells Adam that Robbie has been stalking Debbie and scaring the kids. Adam doesn't believe it. Dom tells Alicia that he needs to put Gemma first and thinks they should break up.


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