Adam tries to ring Robbie but he ignores him. Kerry is unconscious in hospital. Sean discovers that Belle has smashed his bike up, he tells Dan he loves her and wants her back. Dan asks Bob if he's seen Kerry, they figure she's back with Andy. Moira is surprised that Cain rang the police over his stolen car. Dan receives a call from the hospital about Kerry; he informs Amy. Adam discovers it was Kerry that they hit, he tries again to get hold of Robbie. Ruby asks Gemma to postpone the abortion and think about keeping the baby; Gemma insists she still wants the abortion. Robbie tells Megan that he's going to see a mate in Manchester for a while. Belle gives Gemma abuse as she gets into a taxi for the abortion; Alicia tells her to grow up. Andy receives the news about Kerry. Moira is shocked when she finds Cain's car in a barn at Butler's Farm and notices it's been in an accident. Ruby apologises to Dom, he tells her to stop interfering. Dan asks Dr Ashton how Kerry's baby is, she refuses to comment. Gennie compromises with Nikhil saying she'll go for a driving lesson with him, if he spends a full day at work with Rishi and Jai. Moira accuses Cain of being in an accident and hiding the car in her barn, she wants to know what he's done. Adam turns up at Home Farm looking for Robbie. Megan tells him he's gone to Manchester. Cain finds Adam in the barn. He tells him that he hit Kerry and drove off.


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