Adam tells Cain that it was Robbie's idea to flee the scene of the accident. Cain says he needs to start praying as he's looking at possible manslaughter. Nikhil gives Gennie a driving lesson; he's disappointed to learn she's already passed her theory as he'd prepared questions for her. Adam worries about the possibility he's killed Kerry's baby and is going to prison. Kerry regains consciousness. Amy sets her up saying the doctors have told her there's no baby, she's livid when Kerry admits it. Alicia talks to Dom thinking it's too early in their relationship for her to move in. Gennie informs Brenda she's having driving lessons to drive her to the hospital. Cain finds out from Dan that Kerry is awake. Kerry explains to Andy that she was never pregnant. Sean calls at Wishing Well Cottage to talk to Belle, she sends him packing. Cain passes on the news to Adam that Kerry's awake. He picks him up in the car. Andy's sickened by Kerry's lies. Lisa warns Ali to keep Sean away from Belle. Gennie forewarns Rishi that Nikhil will be calling into work tomorrow and not to blow it with him. Belle lets on to Lisa that Debbie is helping her deal with Sean. Cain pours petrol all over the car in a field and sets the car alight. Dan visits Kerry. Victoria has packed Adam's stuff, he arrives back and she kicks him out making it clear that they're over. Moira accuses Cain of hospitalising Kerry, hiding the car on her land and potentially involving her. Cain storms out.


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