Rishi berates Jai for the stunt he pulled with Archie yesterday. Vanessa covers that Rhona is going to a Pilates class tomorrow. Gennie and Nikhil walk into work again, Nikhil's not looking forward to it. Moira tells Adam that if he's back at the farm, he'll have to tell Natalie to go. Jai unintentionally winds up Nikhil when he arrives at work. Megan worries about Robbie. Vanessa offers to come with Rhona to the support session, but she refuses. Jai tells Charity he's decided to give Nikhil 25% of the factory, she's furious. Cain arrives at the farm with a new car. Paddy confesses to Maron that he's worried about Rhona, as she's been oddly erratic and he's unable to talk to her. Marlon thinks he's being paranoid. Megan tries to get hold of Robbie, she leaves a voice message for him saying she's paid his fine. Moira gives Kerry money to get a room at the B&B. She goes to the café with Dan. Andy walks in, sees her and walks out. Adam asks if she's okay. He informs Victoria he's back at the farm, but she says it doesn't change anything. Dan says Kerry can crash on the settee again and he'll deal with Bob. Jai stops the workers to inform them of an announcement. Adam tells Natalie they'll have to let her go, she's not pleased. Jai formally announces in front of everyone that Nikhil is a 25% shareholder in the business. Nikhil walks out accusing him of trying to buy him off. He tells them to stick both the factory and the family.


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Notable diagolue

Paddy Kirk: "Right well, I've been thinking, about Rhona..."
Marlon Dingle: "Now if you said I-I-I-I've been thinking about other women."
Paddy Kirk: "It's just, I dunno, things aren't quite right, a-apart from the things that aren't quite right."
Marlon Dingle: "Right..."
Paddy Kirk: "I don't know what to call it really."
Marlon Dingle: "You being a pillock?"

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