Preparations are underway for the Home Farm dinner party tonight. Katie asks Chas if she can stay at The Woolpack once she's exacted her revenge. Bob gets the wrong idea when Kerry has disappeared from the sofa, not knowing that she's slept with him in his bed. Kerry joins them for breakfast in Dan's robe and prevents him having to explain. Zak and Lisa struggle to punish Belle. The party gets underway at Home Farm. Megan introduces some potential sponsors to Declan. Katie tells Declan that Charity and Jai are on their way. Bob wants Kerry to leave Dan alone and stop using him to stay on in the house. She is hurt and says she actually likes him. Declan nervously welcomes Jai and Charity. Sarah is excited that she's going back to school tomorrow as they've received the all clear from Social Services. Katie makes a speech at the party. She rips into Declan calling him a liar and a cheat, as Nicola chuckles in the background. She announces that he slept with Charity, then throws a drink in her face. Cameron tells Chas that there's no point going to the bank meeting as he can't buy the pub. Declan, Nicola and Megan move everybody outside. Charity apologises to Katie but they become involved in an argument. Katie slaps her and Jai drags Charity out. Cameron tells Chas he needs to fight for his kids and he needs the money for a solicitor. Katie confronts Declan. Debbie asks Dom to help her shift the remaining booze tomorrow. Gennie asks Chas how the bank meeting, she informs her that they won't be buying it as Cameron will be fighting for his kids. Charity and Jai agree to put the whole incident behind them. Kerry tells Dan that Bob doesn't approve of them but they carry on regardless. Declan begs Katie to stay but she walks out.


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