Katie plans to go and collect the rest of her stuff from Home Farm. Charity tries to explain to Debbie what happened at the party before she hears it from somebody else, but she's preoccupied by getting Sarah ready for school. Cameron drops a present off for Sarah. Kerry listens to Dan and Bob discussing her after she's spent another night in Dan's bed, Dan defends her. Declan finds Katie packing a bag. She threatens that she's going to the police regarding the body at the site. Chas and Cameron explain to Diane that they'll have to pull out of buying The Woolpack. Charity confesses to Debbie that she slept with Declan. Debbie can't believe it. Megan and Declan panic about Katie going to the police. Charity finds out that it was Chas who told Katie about her one night stand. Debbie and Dom quickly move the booze into the barn at Wishing Well Cottage. Belle finds Debbie at the farm, she slags Gemma off and says she'd love to smash her face in, not knowing that Dom is sitting in the van. Debbie tries to get rid of her and she calls her a stupid kid. Katie turns up at Andy's. She talks to him about Declan and asks if she can stay there for a bit. Declan walks into Dale View wanting to talk to Katie. Charity talks to Debbie and tells her she should sort her life out. Declan reminds Katie that they've been married for less than a year and if she leaves him now, she'll get nothing. He tells her if she hangs around until after the festival and doesn't tell the police he can set her up for life. Kerry manages to wind up Bob again by insisting she'll be making changes while she's living at Dale View. Cameron overhears Katie telling Chas that she has something on Declan that could ruin him and that all she has to do is wait for the perfect moment.


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