Zak seems to be having a good effect on Debbie at Wishing Well Cottage. Nikhil starts at David's. Andy looks down on Katie for the stunt she pulled with Adam. Declan learns Katie has started cancelling appointments, he informs Nicola that if anybody rings asking for Katie tell them that she's nothing to do with them. He tells Megan that Katie slept with Adam. Megan thinks it's best if he called it quits but he won't. Andy has asked Diane to take the kids away for a few days; Zak isn't pleased when he's planning on doing it without warning Debbie. Brenda sets about trying to choose a wig as she informs Bob more hair came out this morning. Katie tries to explain to Adam about using him but he won't listen. Rishi wants Nikhil to return to the factory. David is annoyed when Nikhil starts rearranging his shelves, he send him to the B&B to try and encourage some new buyers. Declan and Adam end up in an argument over Katie, Mia and Ella. Declan punches him. Thinking they're making progress, Zak mentions to Debbie that Diane is thinking about taking the kids away for a few days. Debbie is livid and storms out. Val and Eric prepare for the potential buyers, they draw Rishi and Jai in for a free drink. Nikhil asks to be shown around the B&B. Andy tells Debbie that Diane has already taken them on holiday. She goes mad at him. Moira isn't happy about Declan and Adam's row but Cain defends him. Jai and Rishi tell Val that Nikhil won't be interested in buying the B&B, she passes the comment on to Nikhil but makes it sound far more derogatory. Declan decides to give Katie a bit of payback. Nikhil decides to put in offer for the B&B, confident that Gennie will be pleased. Declan gives Andy his notice saying he wants him out for subletting without his permission.


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