Nicola has a problem with her car, she realises she's put diesel in it rather than petrol. Andy tells Katie to sort it with Declan. Moira isn't happy that he's turned up late to work again. Nikhil has a surprise for Gennie. He informs her that he's bought The Grange. Andy confronts Megan over the eviction notice, he insists he's not going anywhere. Gennie can't believe that Nikhil's bought the B&B without consulting her. Megan calls Declan pathetic for using Andy to get to Katie. Nikhil informs David that Gennie didn't take the news well, he says he regards the B&B as a special place as Molly was born there. Katie has a word with Declan. Nicola tries to get Cain to fix her car, he leaves it with Dan. He gives her a lift up to Home Farm on his way to Moira's. She accidentally leaves her handbag in the car. Katie explains to Declan that she's not hurt or angry about him sleeping with Charity, but she can't move past that he always puts money first. Cain mentions to Zak that Andy is talking about keeping the kids for good. He's concerned that Zak isn't up to helping Debbie. Gennie wants Nikhil to tell Val and Eric he's changed his mind over the B&B. Robbie goes to Butler's Farm to retrieve Nicola's handbag. Megan tries to make Declan see that Katie is playing him. Katie tells Andy she has a word with Declan and she is working on him. Declan makes a call to the police.


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Val Pollard: "Oh it's going to be quite a wrench. I thought the only way I'd get him out of there would be in a body bag, his little chef's hat still wrapped around his clammy head."

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