Dan gives Nicola the bill for her car, she can't believe it. She asks Cain for time to pay. Andy doesn't want Debbie to see the kids when they return with Diane. Debbie overhears him telling Zak that he's thinking of seeking custody. Katie receives a text from Declan stating he's done what she wanted. Rishi and Jai find out that Nikhil's buying the B&B. Katie visits Declan, she's pleased with herself when the police arrive. Zak invites Debbie to the prize giving at Sarah's school with him tomorrow. Katie admits that's she set Declan up and they're not getting back together. He shocks her by saying he's set her up, telling her the police are only at the site to do routine checks. He tells Katie if she tells the police about the bones, he'll drop the entire thing on her, claiming she paid the workers to keep quiet. Rishi calls around to offer assistance with the B&B, but Nikhil tells him he doesn't want his help as it was to be something for just him, Gennie and Molly and that they probably won't be buying it now after all. Debbie returns to Tug Ghyll to find Zak has cleaned the place up. She arranges to meet Zak in The Woolpack later and hurriedly begins packing bags. Gennie is touched when Nikhil says he wanted to buy the B&B to set them up as a family for life. She says she'll consider it. Steve buys Nicola a drink in The Woolpack as Bernice gets ready to go out with him. Debbie begs Andy to let her see the kids, saying she wants to prove herself. Nicola whines to Steve about Jimmy going away. Diane interrupts them to remind Steve that Bernice will be waiting for him. Declan tells Megan that Katie's dealt with but confesses if he thought she was being genuine, he would have actually involved the police. He says now she won't get a penny out of him. Robbie witnesses Debbie putting suitcases in the car.


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