Debbie slaps Cameron. Chas walks in and asks what's going on. Debbie tells her she doesn't want to know. Nicola speaks to Steve about paying the bill for her car; he says he wants to spoil her. Diane sees them talking. Moira tells Andy she's cutting his responsibilities. Diane arrives back with the kids, Debbie speaks with them. Diane leaves to call Andy. Declan arrives back at Home Farm with Erica and Helen. Andy says he's not given permission to Debbie. Diane, Chas and Cameron go to tell her to leave and notice she's gone. Cameron says that she's legged it with the kids. Debbie speeds off in the car with the kids. Cameron rushes to the airport while Chas and Diane wait at The Woolpack in case she returns. Katie walks in on Declan flirting with Erica and Helen. They argue and the girls leave. She throws her ring at him and leaves. Sandy falls asleep at the Prayer Group and snores loudly. Edna is embarrassed. Sandy needs to go to the toilet; Jude tells him to take the key from the vestry. He finds a bottle of communion wine. Megan makes Declan realise that Katie isn't coming back and the only reason she's still there is because of the contract. Debbie checks in at the airport with the kids. Katie leaves the house to discover her horses wandering around the village. Edna apologises for Sandy's behaviour. He turns up drunk in The Woolpack with the communion wine. Cameron catches up with Debbie at the airport. He begs her to come back to the village with him. Adam helps Katie round up the horses, she apologises for her behaviour. Debbie and Cameron arrive back with the kids. Andy is livid with her. Cameron covers for her saying he found her in the car park having changed her mind. She apologises and Andy takes their passports from her. Declan rips up Katie's contract and tells her to get out.


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