Charity moves her stuff into Debbie's. Marlon gives Laurel her post in the café, she has sent off for a college prospectus. She tells Ruby that she's thinking about a computer course. Paddy notices Rhona acting grumpy again, he tells her to take Leo out. Sandy manages to annoy Edna again. Desperate to head into town for more pills, Rhona is annoyed to find she has a flat tyre. Laurel offers to give her a lift into town. Rhona makes an excuse that she needs to visit a chemist for teething gel for Leo. Sandy worries that he's burnt his bridges with Edna. Ruby advises him to try harder. Cameron eavesdrops on Charity talking to Zak about Debbie, saying that she just wants her daughter back to normal and that they just need to make sure nothing blows her off course. Steve tells Nicola that he thinks she should tell Jimmy about their financial arrangement. Laurel drops Rhona off at a chemist. Jai explains to Noah why Charity has moved in with Debbie. A man in a hoodie bundles into Laurel's car and orders a terrified Laurel to drive, forcing his hand over her face. Laurel manages to fight him off but struggles to get Leo out of the car before he drives off. Nicola attempts to ask Declan for a pay rise but he shoots her down. Rhona finds Laurel cradling Leo on the side of the road. Steve arrives at Home Farm inquiring about the stables manager vacancy, he wants Nicola to show him what's on offer but she fobs him off. The police return Laurel home, she is still clearly shaken. Cameron tells Debbie he messed up with her, but he doesn't want to put her through any heartache again. A guilty Rhona apologises to Laurel. Vanessa notices the pharmacy bag. She questions Rhona on why she was really at the chemist. Rhona walks out.


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