Marlon tells Laurel that Jai’s told her to take the day off, but she is adamant she wants to return to work. Vanessa continues to be suspicious of Rhona's reasons for visiting the chemist. Nicola gives Steve the first instalment of the repayment on the loan. The factory girls quiz Laurel on the carjacking. Pearl lets slip to Vanessa that Rhona's expecting an important parcel. Ruby tells Sandy and Edna about what happened to Laurel. Marlon meets Laurel on her lunch, but she feels smothered. Sandy invites Edna for dinner at the B&B. Laurel finds her car parked outside of the garage. Cain tells Laurel that he bought the car from a guy he usually does business with. Laurel wants to track him down. Vanessa confronts Rhona with her suspicions of her self-medicating and warns her she could overdose and die. Rhona continues to lie and Vanessa tells her she doesn’t trust her. Cain is unable to get hold of the man who he bought the car from, Laurel storms out threatening to call the police. Edna and Sandy dine in the B&B, Edna complains about the prices. She tells Sandy about Pollard buying her father's medals at a fraction of the price they were worth. Marlon tells Laurel that Cain promised he would track down the man he bought the car from, but they argue and she calls Marlon a coward. Sandy pretends to find a bug in his food and threatens Val and Eric with a scene unless they have dinner on the house as compensation for Edna's medals. Marlon tries to stop Laurel from calling the police, but she calls them regardless.


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