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Rhona distracts Paddy while she's hides the drugs. Brenda wants to book the hand fasting for next week, before she loses more hair. Gennie tells her to not let her hair control her. Moira advises Vanessa to get tough on her 'male friend', but begins to wonder if Vanessa's in love with him. Brenda tells Gennie she wants to shave her head. Paddy rings Laurel to ask her and Marlon to look after Leo for the night following the robbery. Laurel is suspicious if it's the Carjacker looking for her. Marlon tells her she's overreacting. Dom meets with the football team in The Woolpack. He has recruited Jacob, David, Noah, Rishi, Jai, Rachel, Dan and Bob. David convinces Priya to join him at the game. Gennie tells Bob to join them after the game. Vanessa finds out about the 'robbery', she makes Rhona aware that she knows it's her as the police arrive. Gennie shaves Brenda's head. They both cry as they see the finished result. Sam talks to Bob about Alice, Bob decides to leave the football game to see Brenda. Rachel eyes Sam and Priya talking. The police leave the Vet's Surgery, Paddy blames Pearl believing she left the door unlocked. At the football game, David tackles Rachel to the ground and scores a goal. Rachel notices Priya celebrating and hugging Sam. Rachel tackles David to the ground, causing Priya to interfere and storm off. Laurel quizzes Paddy on the robbery. Marlon tells Paddy that Laurel's convinced the robbery is connected to the carjacking. Brenda regrets shaving her head, Bob arrives and notices her hair on the floor. She covers her head up with the wig and pushes Bob to leave. Rachel and Priya argue over what happened at the game. David demands that the four of them have dinner tomorrow and clear the air. Paddy passes on the news that the insurance company are refusing to pay. An upset Pearl offers to leave her job. Vanessa is disgusted with Rhona. Brenda tells Gennie that she wants to be on her own.


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