Rhona questions Paddy over whether they've done the right thing letting Pearl resign. Vanessa locates where she's hidden her drugs. Val and Eric tidy the B&B in anticipation of Nikhil's arrival. They are flustered when two of their worst guests arrive just as Gennie and Nikhil arrive. Gennie is preoccupied with Brenda and asks Nikhil if they can do it another time. Rodney walks in on Brenda and discovers she's shaved her head. She weeps to Rodney that she's made the biggest mistake of her life. Paddy accidentally scares a jumpy Laurel attracting her attention in the street, he attempts to talk to her about how she's feeling, but she accuses Marlon of putting him up to it. Rhona gets rid of Paddy and then heads to her stash of drugs, but is surprised when it's not there. Vanessa appears behind her with it and confronts her, refusing to let her have them. Gennie tries to comfort Brenda, she worries that Bob won't find her attractive anymore. Rhona blames Vanessa for starting her addiction, supplying her with pills from the start and questions why she's not told Paddy, accusing her of trying to control her. Rachel, Sam, David and Priya sit down for lunch in The Woolpack. Rachel and Priya snipe at each other. Bob wants to make a gesture to Brenda by shaving his head too, but she walks in and stops him. She promises to show Bob and takes her wig off, Bob kisses her. Rachel calls Priya a patronising cow. An embarrassed Sam walks out. A happier Brenda tells Gennie she wants to proceed with the hand fasting. Rhona breaks down in front of Vanessa. Vanessa tries to convince her to tell Paddy, but she worries that Paddy will leave her. Rhona apologies to Vanessa for blaming her and pleads with her to not tell Paddy, saying that she trusts Vanessa more than anybody. She tells Vanessa that she loves her and Vanessa reciprocates the feeling. She promises Vanessa that she won't buy anymore pills online as long as she goes back to controlling her dose.


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