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Gennie tells Diane that everything is ready for the hand fasting. Vanessa tries to get Rhona to bunk off work but she won't. Laurel tells Paddy that she's still not telling Marlon about yesterday, but he walks in on them. Nikhil is having a brilliant time at the B&B. Gennie tells him that she doesn't want to buy the place. Laurel tells Marlon about yesterday and they fall out. Brenda tries to talk Gennie into buying the B&B. Bob has a problem with the band he's booked for the proposal, he has to get Brenda to go to Ilkley. Brenda tells Dan to make sure Bob is at the ceremony. Marlon goes to apologise to Laurel and finds her missing from work and her car gone. He panics and he and Paddy rush off to find her. Nikhil tells Val and Eric that they won't be buying the B&B, but Brenda's words and Nikhil's passion have an effect on Gennie and she changes her mind. Brenda invites Ruby and Ali to her hen party in the café that night. Laurel arrives back home and apologises, telling Marlon she's been out of order and she went back to the scene where she was attacked. Gennie makes an emotional speech at Brenda's hen party. Val and Eric celebrate selling the B&B. Bob ponders cancelling the proposal, Dan talks him out of it. Laurel tells Marlon she's feeling better, but she tucks a pair of scissors into her bag.


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