Nikhil excitedly shares his plans for the B&B with Gennie. Val and Eric are back from Albufeira, Val tells Amy they've put a deposit on the house. Kerry invites Amy to the charity event tomorrow but Amy says she won't be there. Jai and Charity wish Gennie and Nikhil good luck with the B&B; Nikhil is dismissive. Zak greets Lisa and Belle as they return from their holiday. Victoria attempts to apologise to Betty but she ignores her; however Diane gives her an idea. Chas mentions to Cameron that Gennie saw them together but that she doesn't believe there's anything to it. Ruby tries to convince Sean to give Kerry a chance for Dan's sake. Belle and Lisa go back to school to speak to the headmaster. Chas tells Debbie about the wedding. Nikhil is irritated with Gennie as she is distracted with Debbie and Cameron, he tells her to let it go. Victoria plans a special meal for Betty. Belle tells Zak she wants to be a doctor. Charity accidentally reveals to Lisa that Zak has been helping Debbie. Betty warms again to Victoria as Amy plays waitress. Cameron visits Debbie wanting to know why she didn't tell Chas. Victoria has accidentally made Betty sick, leaving her annoyed again. Lisa is annoyed with Zak but softens when she realises how the stress of the situation had been getting to Zak. Gennie distracts Jai in the factory and retrieves a Dictaphone from a drawer. Debbie explains to Cameron of how she nearly murdered Chas because of him and that they will never be together again.


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  • This episode was broadcast at 7.30pm due to extended ITV News coverage of the royal baby. Consequentially, this put the show head-to-head with EastEnders.

Notable dialogue

Victoria Sugden: "I've got no boyfriend..."
Diane Sugden: "Better off without him."
Victoria Sugden: "It doesn't feel like it."
Betty Eagleton: "Well, fight for him!"
Victoria Sugden: "He slept with Katie!"
Betty Eagleton: "Lots of blokes have done that."

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