Debbie desperately tries to revive Gennie to no avail. Nikhil is still searching for Gennie. Bob and Brenda arrive back in the village. Debbie is distraught over her part in Gennie's death. Dan catches Kerry at the bus stop, he tries to persuade her to come back home but she gives him a hard time. Cameron tries to convince Debbie to flee the scene but she won't. Dan frogmarches Sean to apologise to Kerry. Cameron tells Debbie that he has turned the car around and tells her to cover saying she was on her way home when she saw the accident. Debbie asks Cameron if Gennie said anything before she died; Cameron lies and says that she was dead when he found her. Debbie tells him to leave the scene as the sirens are heard in the distance. Charity passes on the news to Val and Amy that Dan and Kerry have split up due to Kerry attempting to steal the charity money. Brenda and Nikhil wait in The Woolpack for Gennie to arrive. Debbie lies to the police about her part in the accident as the Dictaphone lies on the ground still recording. Sean talks Kerry into staying, saying it was his fault as he didn't want his dad to get hurt. Chas tells Brenda that she and Gennie had an argument and that could have something to do with her disappearance. Jai attempts to comfort Nikhil, he offers to go and drive around to see if he can find her. Cameron arrives back at The Woolpack. Amy lays into Kerry for attempting to take the charity money. Eric escorts a wobbly Val home. Cameron makes his excuses to Chas of his whereabouts. Jai finds Debbie standing in the road with the police; she tells him about Gennie. Kerry cries to Dan about Amy and they make up. The police arrive in The Woolpack with Debbie and Jai. They break the news to a distraught Brenda and a shocked Nikhil. Chas is alerted to the news by Brenda's crying as Cameron hugs her.


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