Eric's still angry at Val for telling Amy about Kyle's parents dying. Ashley walks in on Marlon and Laurel having a row about yesterday. Marlon tells him what she did. Paddy and Rhona have slept in separate rooms at Smithy Cottage. David asks after Amy as she informs Victoria about Kyle's parents dying. Jude tries to talk to Nikhil about Gennie's funeral, but he says he's not going to be there. Paddy tries to talk to Rhona but she rushes off. Ashley talks to Laurel about what she was thinking, he makes her see that she could have gone to prison and convinces her to seek professional help. Moira overhears Amy telling Cain about Kyle's parents dying, but Cain says he's not interested. Once Amy's gone, Moira sympathises with Amy and leaves Cain feeling guilty. He finds Amy in The Woolpack and apologises for his reaction, but urges her to let Kyle go. Rhona manages to get Vanessa to up her dosage while she deals with her and Paddy breaking up. Marlon arrives home to find Ashley with Laurel as she talks to Dr. Abbott. She diagnoses Laurel with post traumatic stress disorder. Vanessa plants a seed that there might be someone else Rhona is interested in to Paddy. Marlon wonders what Ashley was able to say to Laurel that he couldn't. David yells at Nikhil about saying he's not going to Gennie's funeral. Nikhil tells him he's right and that things can't go on like this. Amy tells Victoria she's going to Kyle's parents funeral tomorrow.


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