Val invites Amy into town with her, but she says she has other plans. Brenda gets emotional looking over old photos of Gennie with Molly. Amy asks Victoria to come to the funeral with her. Katie overhears Nicola talking about the glamping site doing well. Katie says it wouldn't be if people knew the truth about the place. Sandy tries to put Ashley off going to see Laurel again. Marlon informs Ali and Lisa that Laurel won't be returning to work yet. Ashley talks to Laurel about her counseling. Moira spots Amy and Victoria getting into a taxi together, dressed in black. Brenda runs into Katie at the glamping site. Declan asks after Katie to Chas, but she gives him a lecture. Katie and Brenda talk about Gennie; Brenda gets upset while Katie comforts her. Amy and Victoria arrive at the crematorium for the funeral. Failing to find out any information about Kyle, Amy wants to attend the wake as well. Katie confronts Declan in the pub, asking him how he can just sit there knowing what's happened at the site. Nicola is suspicious. Amy notices Kyle with his grandma. Nikhil asks Declan if he's still in touch with his friend in Toronto, he wants him to arrange a meeting for him. Moira tells Val and Eric that she saw Amy and Victoria going to the funeral. Declan passes the news onto Brenda and Bob that he thinks Nikhil is planning to emigrate to Canada, without Molly. Katie talks about missing children statistics she has been reading up on on the internet to Andy. Kyle's grandmother walks past Amy at the wake as he accidentally drops his toy tiger. Amy picks it up.


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Notable dialogue

Eric Pollard: "I'll get my toolkit."
Val Pollard: "Good luck with that. It's about the only thing you own that's seen less action that yer wallet."
Amy Wyatt: "We need to go to the wake."
Victoria Sugden: "Yes, if we were with Betty maybe. She crashes funerals all the time."

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