David tears into Nikhil about him planning to move to Canada. Megan worries about Katie blabbing over the truth at the glamping site. Rodney asks Declan and Megan about holding Gennie's wake at Home Farm, but they have a wedding booked. Andy is concerned that Katie is becoming morbid over Gennie's death, but she says she's cleared her head. Val and Eric talk to Amy about Kyle and her attending the funeral. Brenda wants to force Nihkil to look after Molly. Declan has the idea of naming the Main Stage at the festival after Gennie and setting up a trust fund for Molly. Megan thinks that would be enough to keep Katie's mouth closed. Katie arrives at The Woolpack for a chat with Chas, she tells Chas she thinks she might have helped to cover up a murder. Amy calls into a pub close to the crematorium and asks the barmaid for Kyle's grandmother's address to return Kyle's tiger. Georgia, Brenda, David, Rishi and Priya drop Molly off at Nikhil's. He insists he's moving and tells them to take Molly home but they walk out saying they're not bailing him out anymore. Katie tells Chas about the cover up at Home Fields. Chas tries to persuade her not go to the police and involve herself. Brenda, Bob, Rodney, Rishi, Georgia, David and Priya sit around keeping their eyes and ears on Victoria Cottage. Amy arrives at Kyle's grandmother's but bottles it before knocking on the door. Declan shares his idea of the trust fund for Molly to Katie and Chas. Katie's sickened. Nikhil tries to run away from Molly and goes to leave the house but Rishi and Georgia spot him. Molly starts to cry and Nikhil breaks down. Katie is still adamant she's going to the police; Chas advises her to do it anonymously. Nikhil starts banging on the wall as Molly won't stop crying. He's forced to tend to her as Brenda weeps next door.


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