Declan pushes Megan to find them more investors. Debbie tells Charity that she doesn't know if she's going to Gennie's funeral. Katie's distracted by the sight of the police arriving in the village. Belle apologises to Gemma. Charity thinks it's down to Cameron that Debbie doesn't want to go to the funeral. The police arrive at Home Farm. They say they've received a call that there may be remains on the site. David checks up on Nikhil and discovers he's started to look after Molly again. Steve and Bernice arrive back from Paris. The police want to go for a wander around the site alone. Katie starts to panic about what she's done; Chas tries to calm her. Charity tells Cameron that Debbie isn't going to the funeral because of him and to keep her away from her. Nicola's irritable with Steve. Cameron sneaks around to the Haulage firm and convinces Debbie to attend the funeral. The police leave Home Farm stating that they'll be back. Belle and Gemma have been shopping for items for the festival. Nikhil thanks Brenda for her intervention with Molly; he says he won't let it happen again. Declan confronts Katie over calling the police; he threatens her that if he goes down he'll take her with him. Nikhil thanks and hugs Rishi. Brenda mentions to Nikhil that he should start again - him and Molly. He says that's what he intends to do. Chas notices Katie putting her bags into the car. She says Declan came to see her and threatened her and she needs to leave. She puts her things in the car and drives off.


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Notable dialogue

Declan Macey: "I've told you what the stakes are. Don't think you're gonna walk away from this. You've just made the biggest mistake of your life."
Katie Macey: "Yeah. Well, it'll still only be the second biggest."

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